Nuit: Gourmet

Have you ever wanted to learn how to make your own artisan bread at home? Are you looking for a new item for your kitchen or a gift? Join us for an evening at Relish Cooking Studio for their “Artisan Bread and Olive Oil Experience” followed by a private shopping event.

First, we will find out the tricks to making a loaf of delicious artisan bread. And what better to taste it with than artisan olive oil? We will learn the truth behind the mystifying world of olive oil, what makes a good one, and how to cook or dress food with it.

Next, we will have the opportunity to shop at Relish’s “kitchen boutique” with a special discount for our group. Even if you just browse, Relish’s Donna-Marie and Maria can help you decipher the often difficult decisions when trying to choose kitchen cookware, tools and accessories.

We’ll provide the intimate setting, great food & drink and company you’ll have lots in common with.

Intimate Setting: Relish Cooking Studio is the beautiful dream kitchen of fellow Mamans Donna-Marie Pye (cookbook author) and Maria Burjoski (culinary enthusiast). In addition to offering classes, Relish carries a fineselection of kitchen and entertaining housewares. Donna-Marie and Maria have stocked the store with items they love to use. From beautiful tableware and top-quality linens to superior accessories and a fine selection of cookbooks, these must-haves for stylish entertaining are sure to inspire you.

Great Food & Drink: While learning about (and sampling) artisan bread and olive oil, we will also be enjoying local cheese and charcuterie. Dessert will be a special treat that we’ll receive the recipe for. If you desire, you’ll be able to recreate the magic at home! All vino, drinks & food included.

Company: Other KW Mamans who, like you, are professionals that are looking for a new type of “Mommy Group”.

To purchase your tickets, follow this link:

Nuit: Radiate – The Recap

Last night’s Nuit/Night Out was packed full of great info & tips for making our skin radiate!

Front of store

We were well hydrated – important for radiant skin!

In the warm setting of The Truth Beauty Company we learned so much from owner Jennifer. She expertly taught us how to apply make-up and gave us great suggestions for ways to keep our skin healthy. For example, why not wash off your make-up when you get home each day instead of right before bed?

We also learned how to make an easy (and delicious smelling) DIY scrub. Here are the 3 simple ingredients you mix together and apply with a little water:

2 tablespoons ground coffee

2 tablespoons cocoa powder

2 tablespoons honey

Special thanks to the Princess Cafe for the delicious treats we snacked on during the evening.

truth beauty table

There are so many great products at The Truth Beauty Company – even locally make chocolate bars!

Be sure to check out The Truth Beauty Company, as well as the cafe, next time you are in Uptown Waterloo! It will be worth the visit.


Nuit: Radiate

truth beauty

Nuit: Radiate on January 15th!

Are you ready to radiate in 2014? Surrounded by natural beauty products we will learn about creating radiating skin using truthful beauty. From suggestions for skin care routines to great make-up advice, the evening will help you start the New Year with great tips on how to (naturally) take care of you!

We’ll provide the intimate setting, great food & drink and company you’ll have lots in common with.

Intimate Setting: The Truth Beauty Company is an independent, all natural bath and beauty shop in Uptown Waterloo. It specializes in small produced natural and organic beauty care and make-up. Jen, the owner and fellow maman, will be our host for this private Nuit/Night Out.

Great Food & Drink: We’ll be enjoying delicious fare from the Princess Café –a family run café with a simple, delicious menu!  All vino, drinks & food included. 

Company: Other KW Mamans who, like you, are professionals that are looking for a new type of “Mommy Group”.

To reserve your spot, please follow the link:

Nuit: Bloom – The Recap

Thanks to the Good Food School & Lifestyle Centre, we learned quite a few things about creating floral masterpieces last night!


Our starting point – a blank canvas, shears and winter greens.

First decision of the night was whether we wanted to create a round or oval shaped masterpiece.

After adding the greens and flowers, we were told it’s often helpful to evaluate our progress from a different point of view.


Evaluating our works in progress from a different POV – the floor!

Last step was to add some sparkle…


Selecting our bling.

Here are the final products! Aren’t they beautiful? I loved how they were all unique though we used the same materials.


A big thanks to Kim and Brenda from the Good Food School & Lifestyle Centre for their hospitality and delicious food.


Getting Messy

messy high chairSince our bébé has started picking up finger foods, mealtime in her high chair has gotten a little messier. I love to watch her face as she explores how different foods feel between her fingers. Though I’m not a big fan of her making a huge mess, new research has me thinking that maybe I should be a little more laid back about it.


Here’s the Main Dish:

  • Researchers were interested in how 16-month-old children learn words for non-solid objects (like oatmeal or applesauce).
  • Children were presented items along with made up words (like “dax” or “kiv”) for various non-solid foods and drinks. One minute later, children had to identify the same food or drink items in different sizes or shapes. The children couldn’t rely on shape or size to identify the objects – they had to explore what each was made of so that they could identify them. How else would they tell the difference between milk & glue?!?
  • The children who interacted the most with the foods by poking, touching, feeling, or even throwing bits, were more likely to correctly identify them by their texture and name them.
  • Children in a high chair, compared to those in other spots such as seated at a table, were more likely to identify and name the foods. It seems they were more comfortable “getting messy” in the high chair compared to other locations.

Here’s a great quote from Larissa Samuelson, one of the researchers:

“It may look like your child is playing in the high chair, throwing things on the ground, and they may be doing that, but they are getting information out of (those actions). And, it turns out, they can use that information later.”

Nuit: Bloom


Nuit: Bloom on December 16th!

The air will be filled with the scent of winter greens as we create holiday floral centerpieces. Whether for your own holiday table or a gift to bring to family & friends, the final product will be nothing but a floral masterpiece. Get ready – this will not be your average trip to the grocery store!

We’ll provide the intimate setting, great food & drink and company you’ll have lots in common with.

Intimate Setting: The Good Food School & Lifestyle Centre is a unique setting at the newest Sobeys in KW. It’s a cosy space with warm wood paneling and a unique view of the store. The Good Food School & Lifestyle Centre has arranged this special floral workshop just for our Nuit/Night Out!

Great Food & Drink: We’ll be enjoying sweet and savory treats from charcuterie to chocolate dessert cups. All drinks & food included. 

Company: Other KW Mamans who, like you, are professionals that are looking for a new type of “Mommy Group”.

To reserve your spot, please follow the link:

Once a parent…

parenting_family…always a parent?

When looking at certain pictures of  our bébé, I sometimes see what I think are glimpses of what she will look like in a few years. I rarely think about being her parent 20 years from now! According to research from the field of neuroscience brain growth continues into at least the mid-20s, suggesting that responsible parenting should too.

Here’s the Main Dish: 

  • Brain maturation is a ”very complicated, complex and dynamic process that goes through adolescence from puberty right through to the early 20s'” (Ian Hickie, University of Sydney).
  • The pre-frontal cortex (the area of the brain behind your forehead) is  involved with social interaction and self awareness and checks risk-taking behaviour. This is a part of the brain that changes most dynamically during adolescence.

Nuit: Provocative – The Recap

What fun one can have with other Mamans while shopping for intimate apparel! Our first Nuit/Night Out at La Femme Privée was filled with laughter, learning about “the proper fit” and delicious food thanks to West of Seoul (@WestofSeoul).

Here are a few glimpses into our evening…


We enjoyed some sparking beverages and vino from @SpeckBros



Delicious Mandu Dumplings from @WestofSeoul


Chocolate chili brownie cookies in the glow of the beautiful tree at La Femme Privée.


The most popular brand of the evening was @KnockoutPanties. Highly recommended for any woman – mom or not!

A big thank you to Liz and Cindy at La Femme Privee for a wonderful evening!

Details to be posted soon for our December Nuit/Night Out.